About Me

Where it all started

My fascination with the world of video began at an early age. I grew up on classic 80’s movies, and would spend hours writing stories that featured me as the main character in the world of The Princess Bride or Back to the Future. I would check out a book bag full of VHSs’ from my local library, and watch them late into the night. In middle school, my friends and I would write, direct, and star in short films where we re-enacted our favorite scenes from these films.


Learning and Living in Des Moines

Eventually, my love of the arts lead me to Drake University, where I’m currently pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. I’m a Digital Media Production major with a minor in Rhetoric, Media, and Social Change and a concentration in Spanish culture and language. I’m a graphic designer for the Drake Political Review, a nonpartisan political publication, and am involved in a women’s fraternity on campus. This semester, a project of mine  was awarded a laurel for “Highest Commendation” by the London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival. While video remains my primary passion, I’ve enjoyed expanding my horizons this semester with web page design and basic coding.


Looking to the Future

My career aspirations are still fairly unfocused as i’m exploring the vast possibilities within the field of media production. Working as a broadcast journalist or as a documentarian are two career paths that really intrigue me. I have an ardent interest in issues of education, environmental sustainability, and the justice system. My ultimate goal is to teach, inform, and express myself in a creative way that benefits the community.


What else?

I’m an avid user of Pinterest and use the platform to set learning goals and seek inspiration. My next creative challenge is to master calligraphy!Botany, architecture, watercolor painting, and true-crime documentaries are just some of my eclectic interests. Drawing from nature has been a consistent theme in my works.

I have an absolute fascination with the mysticism of the Southwest.

I’m inspired by a surplus of wonderful creators, my personal artistic heroes including the likes of filmmaker Wes Anderson, performer Bill Murray, and artist Hope Gangloff.

I value creativity and open communication more than just about anything, and strive everyday to uphold these particular values.



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